Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dainty, I Heart SF Charm Necklace



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Show daintyyour daintycity daintylove! dainty daintyNecklace daintyis dainty14kt daintygold daintyfilled, daintywith dainty14kt daintygold daintyfilled daintychain dainty& daintyfindings, daintyincluding daintythe daintyheart daintycharm. daintyCharm daintymeasures dainty8mm. daintyHand daintystamped daintywith daintySF. dainty\r\rNecklace daintymeasures dainty16 dainty& dainty3/4"\r\r*This daintynecklace daintycan daintybe daintycustomized daintywith daintyany daintycombination daintyof daintyup daintyto dainty3 daintyletters daintyor daintynumbers, daintyincluding daintyan daintyampersand. daintyPerfect daintyfor daintybrides dainty& daintybridesmaids! dainty\r\r*Please daintynote daintythis daintylisting daintyis daintyfor daintythe dainty"SF" daintynecklace daintyonly.\r\rHandmade daintywith daintylove

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