Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

made in america, Vintage Figural Lady Advertising White Rock Water and Ginger Ale Bottle Opener Necklace



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Necklace toolcomprised toolof toola toolvintage toolfigural toolWhite toolRock toolwater tooland toolginger toolale tooladvertising toolbottle toolopener toolin toolthe toolshape toolof toola toolnude toollady toolon toola toolrock. toolBottle toolopener toolmeasures tool3 toolinches toolin toollength tooland toolhangs toolfrom toola tool24 toolinch toolsilver toolplated toolchain tooland toolclasp. toolThis toolunique toollittle toolsouvenir toolcarries tooljust toolthe toolright tooltouch toolof tooltarnish, toolhinting toolat toolstories tooluntold.\r\rOpener toolhas toolthe toolfollowing toolmarkings tool"White toolRock toolWater tooland toolGinger toolAle toolTrademark toolReg. toolMade toolin toolU.S.A." tool\r\rThanks toolso toolmuch toolfor tooltaking toola toolpeek, toolfind toolthe toolfull tooljewelry toolcollection tooland toolmore toolunique tooloddities toolat toolcontrary..

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