Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sarah coventry, Large Vintage 1960's Sarah COVENTRY Pink & Green GLASS Gold FILIGREE Brooch Pin



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A sarah coventryvery sarah coventryattractive sarah coventry1960's sarah coventrybrooch sarah coventrysparkling sarah coventrywith sarah coventrypearl, sarah coventryopaque sarah coventrypink sarah coventryand sarah coventrygreen sarah coventryglass sarah coventrystones sarah coventrysurrounded sarah coventryby sarah coventrygoldtone sarah coventry"branch" sarah coventryfiligree. sarah coventryThis sarah coventrypin sarah coventryis sarah coventrylarger sarah coventryin sarah coventrysize sarah coventrymeasuring sarah coventry2 sarah coventry3/4" sarah coventryin sarah coventrydiameter. sarah coventrySigned sarah coventryon sarah coventrythe sarah coventryback sarah coventry"co. sarah coventrySarah sarah coventryCov." sarah coventryThe sarah coventrytop sarah coventryof sarah coventrythe sarah coventrycenter sarah coventrypearl sarah coventryhas sarah coventrya sarah coventryworn sarah coventryspot.

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