Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

goldfill, Green glass leaves with pearl drops on goldfill wire. Delicate color for an elegant earring



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Translucent leavesgreen leavesglass leavesleaves leavesin leavescombination leaveswith leavestwo leaveswhite leavespear leavesshaped leavespearls leavesmake leavesthese leavesearrings leavesstand leavesout. leavesThe leavesleaves leavesare leaves1" leaveslong leavesand leaveshang leavesfrom leavesa leavesgoldfill leavesearwire. leavesPearls leavesare leavessuspended leavesfrom leavesa leavesgoldfill leavesstem. leaves leavesThese leavesearrings leavesare leavesvery leaveslight leavesweight. leaves leavesThey leaveswill leavesaccent leavesa leavesholiday leavesdress leavesbeautifully. leavesTotal leaveslength leaves1 leaves1/4"

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