Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

add a charm, Tiny freshwater pearl charm on gold-fill - add a charm



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GUARANTEED smallHANDMADE: smallAll smallmy smalljewelry smallis smalldesigned smalland smallcreated smallby smallmy smallhands.Petite smallwhite smallfreshwater smallpearl smallwith smallgold smallvermeil smalldaisy smallspacer smallcrown smallon small14k smallgold-filled smallspring smallring smallclasp. smallThis smallsweet smalllittle smallcharm smallis smallthe smallperfect smallaccent smallfor smallany smallbracelet smallor smallnecklace! smallPearls smallattune smallthe smallwearer smallto smallebb smalland smallflow smallof smalllife. smallThey smallare smallcalming smalland smallcentering. smallThey smallgive smallpurity smalland smallpromote smallfaith, smallcharity, smalland smallintegrity, smalltruth smalland smallloyalty. smallThey smallespecially smallenhance smallpersonal smallintegrity. smallThey smallhelp smallone smallconnect smallwith smallher smallfeminine smallenergy smalland smallbring smalllove smallenergy.Please smallconvo smallme smallwith smallany smallquestions.

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