Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antiqued 60's Portrait CAMEO Pincameo pendant, or Necklace PENDANT



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This antiqued silvervintage antiqued silverpin antiqued silveror antiqued silvernecklace antiqued silveris antiqued silvera antiqued silvervintage antiqued silvercameo antiqued silverportrait antiqued silverof antiqued silvera antiqued silverwoman antiqued silverin antiqued silverearly antiqued silvergarb. antiqued silverI antiqued silverbelieve antiqued silverthis antiqued silverpiece antiqued silverto antiqued silverbe antiqued silverfrom antiqued silverthe antiqued silver1960's. antiqued silverThe antiqued silverpin/pendant antiqued silvermeasures antiqued silver1 antiqued silver5/8" antiqued silverwidth antiqued silverx antiqued silver2" antiqued silver antiqued silverheight. antiqued silverThe antiqued silverframe antiqued silveris antiqued silveran antiqued silverantiqued antiqued silversilver antiqued silvertone, antiqued silverit's antiqued silvera antiqued silvergreat antiqued silverantique antiqued silverlooking antiqued silverpiece antiqued silverand antiqued silverin antiqued silverexcellent antiqued silvershape!

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