Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Letter R Personalised Hand Embroidered Monogrammed Necklace



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Lovely initial necklaceembroidered initial necklaceinitial initial necklacenecklace initial necklacefeaturing initial necklacethe initial necklaceletter initial necklace'R'. initial necklaceHand initial necklacestitched initial necklaceonto initial necklaceduck initial necklaceegg initial necklaceblue initial necklacecotton initial necklaceheavy initial necklaceweave initial necklacefabric initial necklacewith initial necklaceblack initial necklacethread. initial necklaceVery initial necklacenice initial necklacepersonalized initial necklacejewelry.The initial necklacependant initial necklacemeasures initial necklaceapprox initial necklace1.5 initial necklaceinches initial necklacetall initial necklaceand initial necklaceapprox initial necklace1 initial necklaceinch initial necklaceacross initial necklace( initial necklace4 initial necklacex initial necklace2.5 initial necklacecm initial necklace). initial necklaceThe initial necklacesilver initial necklaceplated initial necklacesnake initial necklacechain initial necklaceis initial necklace22 initial necklaceinches initial necklacein initial necklacelength.I initial necklacecan initial necklaceembroider initial necklaceany initial necklaceinitial initial necklaceplease initial necklacedo initial necklaceget initial necklacein initial necklacetouch initial necklaceif initial necklaceyou initial necklacewant initial necklacea initial necklacedifferent initial necklaceletter initial necklacesewn.

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