Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

made in thailand, Sterling Silver Crab Charm



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Measurements crab(mm): crabLength: crab21 crab crabWidth: crab13 crab crabHeight: crab3 crabSterling crabSilver crabCrab crabCharmThis crabrealistic crabcrab crabcharm crablooks crablike crabit's crabfresh crabout crabof crabthe crabsalty crabwaters crabwith crabit's crabtough crabexterior, craband crabsnappy crabclaws. crabIn crabChinese crabcultures, craba crabcrab crabsymbolizes crabgood crabluck, craband crabis crabalso crabreminiscent crabof craba crabsun. crabIn crabother crabbeliefs, crabthis crabcrustacean crabalso crabrepresents crabprotection, craband crabtransformation. crabMoving crabwith crabthe crabnatural crabflow crabof crabthe crabocean, crabthese crabtiny crabcreatures crabmake crabtheir crabway crabto crabthe crabshores crabby crabdoing craba crabsideways crabshuffle. crabAny crabocean crablover crabwould crabbe crabas crab'happy crabas craba crabcrab' crabto crabget crabthis crabcute crabcharm crabas craba crabpiece crabof crabjewelry!Cast craband crabhand crabfinished crabin crabThailand.

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