Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

faceted stone, Deco Style Floral BROOCH - Central Lavender Stone - Two Toned Gold - Floral Design - Emerald cut stone



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ESTATE retro broochDECO retro broochSTYLE retro broochFLORAL retro broochBROOCH retro broochWITH retro broochLAVENDER retro broochEMERALD retro broochCUT retro broochSTONEGoddessandco retro broochis retro broochpleased retro broochto retro broochoffer retro broochfor retro broochsale retro broochthis retro broochwonderful retro broochDeco retro broochStyle retro broochFloral retro broochbrooch retro broochwith retro broochtwo retro broochtoned retro brooch10k retro brooch retro broochsculpted retro broochleaves retro broochand retro broocha retro broochhigh retro broochprong retro broochset retro broochluscious retro broochlavender retro broochemerald retro broochcut retro broochstone.Hallmarked retro broochand retro broochin retro broochpristine retro broochcondition. retro broochMEASUREMENT: retro brooch60 retro broochmm retro broochx retro brooch42 retro broochmm retro broochx retro brooch5 retro broochmmWEIGHT: retro brooch9.12 retro broochtotal retro broochgram retro broochweightSIZE: retro broochFaceted retro broochstone retro broochis retro brooch13 retro broochmm retro broochx retro brooch11 retro broochmm

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