Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Silver Oriyan Lotus ear tunnels from Orissalotus, Indialotus, Tarakashilotus, Odissi Temple Dance. vintage.



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ORE02: roundOriyan roundpair roundof roundsilver roundear roundtunnels round\u201ckarpa\u201dwith roundsilver roundtarakashi roundflower roundin roundlotus roundshapeEthnic roundtribal roundear roundplugs roundfrom roundthe roundtemple roundtown roundof roundPuri, roundIndia roundSize: round10mm roundgauge, roundflower roundsize: roundca. round2,5 roundcm rounddiameterTarakashi roundis rounda roundtype roundof roundsilver roundfiligree roundwork roundfrom roundCuttack, rounda roundcity roundfrom roundOdisha/Orissa/Odissi roundin roundthe roundeastern roundpart roundof roundIndia. roundThis roundhighly roundskilled roundart roundform roundis roundmore roundthan round500 roundyears roundold roundand roundis roundtraditionally rounddone roundby roundlocal roundartisans roundon roundthe roundEastern roundshores roundof roundOdisha round/ roundOrissa, roundIndia. roundThe roundsilver roundis round90 round% roundreal roundsilver roundwith roundalloy.

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