Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

floral brooch, Cultured PEARL and MARCASITE BROOCH - Long Flower - Large Pearl - Safety Clasp



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LOVELY pearlESTATE pearlMARCASITE pearlBROOCH pearlWITH pearlLARGE pearlCULTURED pearlPEARL pearlFLOWERGoddessandco pearlis pearlpleased pearlto pearloffer pearlfor pearlsale pearlthis pearlbeautiful pearlsinewy pearlestate pearlmarcasite pearl pearlbrooch pearlwith pearlluscious pearlpearl pearl"flower".Good pearlConditionSIZE: pearl3 pearland pearl1/2 pearlinches pearllong pearland pearl1 pearland pearl3/8 pearlinches pearlwideWEIGHT:10.35 pearltotal pearlgram pearlweightMEASUREMENT: pearlPearl pearlis pearl18 pearlmm pearlin pearldiameter

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