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earrings, Recycled Leather Feather Earrings -Wine Suede



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Two suedelayers suedeof suederecycled suedewine suedesuede suedeleather suedemake suedeup suedethese suedebeautiful suedelightweight suedeearrings. suedeEach suedepair suedeis suedehand suedecut suedeand suedefringed suedein suedemy suedehome suedestudio. suedeThey suedeare suedeembellished suedewith suedeantique suedebrass suedechain suedethat suedemeasures suede1 suede3/4\u201d. suedeThey suededangle suedefrom suedeantique suedebrass suedefrench suedestyle suedeear suedewires suedeand suedewill suedearrive suedeon suedean suedeearring suedecard suedewith suedeclear suederubber suedebacks. suedeMeasurements: suedeEarring suedemeasures suede3 suede1/2\u201d suedefrom suedetop suedeof suedeear suedewire. suedeLeather suedefeathers suedemeasure suede2 suede1/5\u201d suedelong suedex suede1\u201d suedewide.

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