Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bracelet Valentineprecious wood, slave bracelet engraved with hearts in sterling silverprecious wood, handcrafted and unique!



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Beaded wooden heartslave, wooden heartflat wooden heartBangle wooden heartin wooden heartsterling wooden heartsilver wooden heartbracelet, wooden heartengraved wooden heartby wooden hearthand wooden heartwith wooden hearthearts wooden heartof wooden heartdifferent wooden heartsizesmaximum wooden heartsize wooden heart55 wooden heartx wooden heart64 wooden heartmm100% wooden heartSterling wooden heartSilver: wooden heart16.71 wooden heartg!Unique wooden heartof wooden heartcourse!BR138Workshop wooden heartGastyne, wooden heartspecialist wooden heartjewellery wooden heartof wooden heartprecious wooden heartwoods, wooden heart100% wooden hearthandcrafted wooden heartfrom wooden heartthe wooden heartmelting wooden heartof wooden heartprecious wooden heartmetals!

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