Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dapper, Handmade Cufflinks Cuff Links Vintage Chinese Character Mahjong Tile Pieces Number Five Wu 5



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Handmade wuCufflinks wuCuff wuLinks wuVintage wuChinese wuMahjong wuPieces wuNumber wuFive wuWu wu5Express wuyour wulove wufor wumahjong wuand wuthe wunumber wu5 wuwith wuthese wufantastic wuand wufun wucuff wulinks. wuDeliberate wuattention wuwas wupaid wuto wumaking wuthem. wuEach wupair wuis wudifferent, wudue wuto wubeing wuhandmade. wuNo wutwo wuare wualike. wuAssembled wuwith wucare. wuThis wupair wuis wuone wuof wua wukind.Each wumahjong wupiece wumeasures wu1 wuinch wuby wu5/8 wuinch wuby wu3/8 wuinch wutall.Listing wuis wufor wuone wupair.Share wuyour wulove wuof wuthe wugame wuin wuthe wuboardroom wuor wuat wua wuspecial wuevent.For wumore wufoodie wucuff wulinks, wuplease wuview wuthe wurest wuof wuour wucollection.We wutravel wuthe wuworld wufor wufun, wukeeping wuan wueye wuout wufor wuinspiring wufabrics wuand wu wunotions. wuWe wutransform wuthe wufinds wuinto wuunique, wusmall wubatches wuof wuneckties, wubow wuties, wucuff wulinks wuand wuhome wuaccessories. wuOriginality wuis wuat wuyour wufingertips.

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