Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Collier Shell Seed Beadpurple, Amethystpurple, Silver



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A silver uniquevery silver uniquefine silver uniqueelegant silver uniquenecklace. silver uniqueMade silver uniqueof silver uniqueblack silver uniqueshimmering silver uniquemuschlkernbebee silver uniquebeads silver uniquein silver uniquerainbow silver uniquecolours silver unique8 silver uniquemm, silver uniqueand silver uniquea silver uniquevery silver uniqueclear silver uniquehexagonal silver uniqueground silver uniqueamethyst silver unique15 silver uniquemm silver uniquex silver unique9 silver uniquemm.The silver uniqueintermediate silver uniqueparts silver uniqueare silver uniquemade silver uniqueof silver unique925sterling silver uniquesilver. silver uniqueThe silver uniquemagnetic silver uniqueclasp silver uniqueis silver uniquealso silver uniquemade silver uniqueof silver unique925sterling silver uniquesilver silver uniquewith silver uniquemagnet, silver uniquewhich silver uniquefacilitates silver uniquethe silver uniquechain's silver uniquelocking.

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