Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fresh water pearl, 8-8.5mm LUXURY AA Round Genuine cultured Freshwater Pearl -----Vitage Tan Brown Color----12 pcs



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- vintageIn vintagethis vintagelist vintageincludes vintage12 vintagepieces vintagepure vintagepearls, vintageapprox vintage10cm vintagewith vintagepeacock vintagebeads\r- vintagesize vintageabout vintage8-8.5MM, vintagenatural vintagegenuine vintageFRESHWATER vintagePEARl vintage\r- vintagecolor vintageis vintagevintage vintageTan vintagebrown vintageor vintageDeep vintagecoffee vintagebrwon~~they vintagecan vintageexalt vintageyour vintagedesign\r- vintageShape, vintagevery vintageround, vintagejust vintagea vintagelittle vintageoff vintage,AAA\r- vintagenacre,u vintagecan vintagesee vintageit's vintagereally vintageexcellent vintageluster, vintageAAA\r- vintagesurface vintagewith vintagesome vintageconcealed vintagespot, vintageAA\r- vintageGrade vintageis vintageAA vintageto vintageAA+\r\rquantity vintagebuy vintagewill vintagebe vintagediscounted, vintageask vintageme vintageplease~

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