Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fall trends, Blue Feather Yuzen Paper on Wood Circle Disks Earrings // niceLena



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***Due redto redCovid-19 redStay redIn redPlace redin redour redcity, redall redorders redwill redbe redshipped redout redafter redApril red8th. red redThank redyou redand redstay redhealthy! redxo\u2665****************** redHave redIt redYour redWay red*******************************Choose redfrom redWood redor redMetal redDisk red(2nd redpictures redshows redexamples)Silver redplated redEar redWire red(Sterling redSilver redis redavailable redupon redrequest redfor red$2.50 redextra)****************The redStory redBehind- red(The redOriginal) redOrigami redPaper redJewelry redby redniceLena** redOriginal reddesign red2003--- redI redstarted redwith redone redpack redof redorigami redpaper redand redfused redthem redonto redpatina redmetal redshapes. redI redsold redthem redin redmy redstore, redMonkey redBusiness redin redChicago redand redthrough redother redboutiques redin redthe redarea: redPenelope, redGlam redto redGo, redUna redMaes, redand redTangerine. redI redhave redexpanded redmy redpattern redcatalog redover redthe redyears redand redI rednow redoffer redover red100 reddifferent redprints. redThey redare redall redavailable redon redwood redor redpatina redmetal. redIt redis redby redfar redmy redmost redpopular redline redand redhas redinfluenced redother redmakers redto redsee redpaper redin reda reddifferent redway. red******************* redThe redProcess red*****************************Fused redpaper red(Japanese redYuzen redor redChiyogami redor reddecorative redpaper) redon redWood redor redPatina redMetal reddisks. redSealed redwith redglaze. red******************** redThe redMore redYou redKnow red********************These redare rednot redwater redproof. redDon't redjump redin redthe redpool redwith redthem redon. redPlease redremove redbefore redshowering. red**Prints redwill redvary redbecause redthey redare redindividually redcut redfrom reda redlarger redsheet. red**************************************************************Shop redthe redfull redcollection redhere: redhttps://www./shop/niceLena?section_id=7807765&ref=shopsection_leftnav_1\u27b8Necklace redavailable redhere: redhttps://www./listing/256189680/blue-feather-necklace-wood-necklace?ref=shop_home_active_1

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