Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coppini, PERUZZI Signed 800 Silver ITALIAN Tie Bar Clip Hand Engraved FLORENCE Italy



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Greetings.On italyoffer, italya italybeautiful italyvintage/ italyantique italy800 italySilver italyTie italyBar italy/ italyTie italyClip italyfrom italythe italysilversmith italyfamily italyof italyFratelli italyPeruzzi, italyof italyFlorence italyItaly. italy italy italyThis italysleek italyand italyclassy italyAntique italyVintage italyItalian italyTie italyBar italyfeatures italythe italybeautiful italyscrolled italyfloral italyFlorentine italyhand italyengraving italythat italyPeruzzi italyis italyso italywell italyknown italyfor.Even italythe italyback italyside italyhas italyan italyengraved italyrectangular italypanel. italyA italylovely italyextra italydetail.It italyis italylightweight, italyand italysmooth italyall italyover, italyinside italyand italyout. italyIt italyhugs italyfabric italysnugly, italywithout italyrisk italyof italysnagging.Markings italyon italyback:FLLI. italyPERUZZI italy(Peruzzi italyBrothers. italy"Flli" italyis italyan italyabbreviation italyfor italyFratelli, italymeaning italy"brothers".)800 italy italy(Silver italycontent, italymeaning italy800 italySilver. italy italyThis italyis italythe italyusual italypurity italyof italyold italysilver italyfrom italyItaly.)Dimensions:3" italyinches italyLong italy italy3/8" italyinch italywideThis italypiece italyretains italyoriginal italytarnish italyas italyfound. italy italyIt italymay italybe italycleaned italyand italybrightened italyby italythe italynew italyowner italyif italydesired.In italyaddition italyto italyuse italyas italya italytie italybar, italythis italylovely italypiece italyof italysilver italycan italybe italyworn italyon italyany italyclothing italyor italyfabric.It italyslides italyon italyeasily. italyThis italyis italya italywonderful italyold italypiece italyof italyclassic italyItalian italyjewelry, italyin italyexcellent italyvintage italycondition.I italywill italysend italyit italyto italyyou italyin italya italysmall italyjewelry italygift italybox, italy italyready italyfor italygift italygiving, italyor italyfor italyyou italyto italywear italyright italyaway. italy italy italy***PLEASE italyNOTE: italyThis italyitem italyships italyonly italyto italythe italyUnited italyStates italyvia italyUSPS italyFirst italyClass italyMail. italy italyThis italyitem italyships italyonly italyto italythe italy48 italyLower italyUnited italyStates. italyI italyam italyhappy italyto italycombine italyshipping italyfor italysmall italyitems italyand italyjewelry italyitems italyin italythe italyUSPS italyPriority italyMail italyflat italyrate italybox. italy*******I italyaccept italypayment italythrough italyPaypal.Please italyfeel italyfree italyto italyask italyany italyquestions, italyI'll italybe italyhappy italyto italyreply italy:)Thank italyyou italyfor italyvisiting italymy italyshop!

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