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Black wishing stoneswith wishing stoneswhite wishing stonesstripe wishing stoneswishing wishing stonesstones* wishing stoneshang wishing stonesfrom wishing stonesoxidized wishing stonessterling wishing stonessilver wishing stoneshoops. wishing stonesHoops wishing stonesmeasure wishing stones3/4" wishing stonesor wishing stones19 wishing stonesmm. wishing stonesThe wishing stonesstones wishing stonesmeasure wishing stonesapproximately wishing stones1/2". wishing stonesOverall wishing stoneslength: wishing stones1". wishing stonesThis wishing stonesis wishing stonesmy wishing stonesstock wishing stonesphoto wishing stonesfor wishing stonesthis wishing stonesitem. wishing stonesI wishing stoneshave wishing stonesa wishing stonesfew wishing stonespairs wishing stonesof wishing stonesthese. wishing stonesThey wishing stonesare wishing stonesblack wishing stoneswith wishing stoneswhite wishing stonesstripes wishing stonesand wishing stonesequally wishing stonesbeautiful. wishing stonesIf wishing stonesyou wishing stoneswould wishing stoneslike wishing stonesto wishing stonessee wishing stoneswhat wishing stonesI wishing stoneshave wishing stonesin wishing stonesstock wishing stonesmessage wishing stonesme wishing stonesBEFORE wishing stonespurchasing wishing stonesand wishing stonesI wishing stoneswill wishing stonesbe wishing stoneshappy wishing stonesto wishing stonessend wishing stonesyou wishing stonesa wishing stonesphoto. wishing stones*A wishing stoneswishing wishing stonesstone wishing stonesis wishing stonesa wishing stonesstone wishing stonesthat wishing stoneshas wishing stonesa wishing stoneswhite wishing stonesline wishing stonesgoing wishing stonescompletely wishing stonesaround wishing stonesit. wishing stonesLegend wishing stoneshas wishing stonesit wishing stonesthat wishing stonesif wishing stonesyou wishing stonesmake wishing stonesa wishing stoneswish wishing stonesfor wishing stonesyourself wishing stoneswith wishing stonesthe wishing stonesrock, wishing stonesit wishing stonesis wishing stonessaid wishing stonesto wishing stonescome wishing stonestrue, wishing stonesbut wishing stonesif wishing stonesyou wishing stonesmake wishing stonesa wishing stoneswith wishing stonesfor wishing stonessomeone wishing stoneselse wishing stoneswith wishing stonesit, wishing stonestheir wishing stoneswish wishing stonesand wishing stonesall wishing stonesof wishing stonesyours wishing stonesare wishing stonessaid wishing stonesto wishing stonescome wishing stonestrue.To wishing stonessee wishing stonesmore wishing stonesof wishing stonesmy wishing stoneshandmade wishing stonesjewelry wishing stonesin wishing stonesmy wishing stonesEtsy wishing stonesshop, wishing stonesclick wishing stonesthis wishing stoneslink:WearYourWild.IG: wishing [email protected] wishing stonesjewelry wishing stonescomes wishing stonesnestled wishing stonesin wishing stonesrecycled, wishing stonesrustic wishing stoneskraft wishing stonesgift wishing stonesboxes wishing stonestied wishing stoneswith wishing stonesbakers wishing stonestwine, wishing stonesjute wishing stonesstring wishing stonesor wishing stoneswrapped wishing stonesin wishing stoneswashi wishing stonestape.FREE wishing stonesgift wishing stoneswrapping wishing stonesis wishing stonesavailable wishing stonesupon wishing stonesrequest. wishing stonesYou wishing stonescan wishing stonessee wishing stonesthe wishing stonesavailable wishing stonespaper wishing stonesin wishing stonesthe wishing stoneslast wishing stonesphoto. wishing stonesIf wishing stonesyou'd wishing stoneslike wishing stonesyour wishing stonesitem wishing stonesgift wishing stoneswrapped wishing stonesplease wishing stonesfill wishing stonesout wishing stonesthe wishing stonesPersonalization wishing stonessection wishing stonesat wishing stonescheckout.Thanks wishing stonesfor wishing stonessupporting wishing stoneshandmade!Katie wishing [email protected] wishing stonesWear wishing stonesYour wishing stonesWild

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