Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tree of Life Necklace Dichroic Glass Wire Wrapped Tree Pendantcrye, Fused Glass Tree Jewelrycrye, Classic Bluecrye, Cobalt Necklacecrye, Nature Jewelry



In stock



"Blue wire jewelryGlass wire jewelryTree" wire jewelryIs wire jewelrya wire jewelryone wire jewelryof wire jewelrya wire jewelrykind wire jewelryfused wire jewelryglass wire jewelrypiece wire jewelryby wire jewelryBlessed wire jewelryBead wire jewelrywrapped wire jewelryand wire jewelrywoven wire jewelryin wire jewelryvintage wire jewelrybronze wire jewelryparawire wire jewelrywith wire jewelryamethyst wire jewelryand wire jewelrycrystal wire jewelryaccents. wire jewelryComes wire jewelrywith wire jewelryan wire jewelry18 wire jewelryinch wire jewelryor wire jewelry24 wire jewelryinch wire jewelrybrass wire jewelrychain.

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