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lady, Vintage Enamel Lady on the Moon with Stars PAIR Enamel Cuff Links 31-6



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Vintage bluegold bluetone bluecloisonne bluepair blueof bluecuff bluelinks bluefeaturing bluea bluelady bluein bluea bluepink bluedress blueand bluehat bluesitting blueon bluethe bluemoon bluewith blueblue bluestars bluein bluethe bluebackground. blue blueThis bluepiece bluemeasures blue22 bluemm bluewide blue bluex blue blue23 bluemm bluehigh. blueThese bluewere bluemade bluein bluethe blue1950s, blue1960s blueand blue1970s. blueSome bluepieces blueare bluestamped blueor bluelabeled bluewith bluea bluedate, bluesome blueas blueold blueas blue1958. blueThe blueback bluestamp bluereads blue"Aviva blueTaiwan" blueThese bluecome bluefrom bluean blueextensive bluecollection bluefrom bluean blueestate bluesale. blueCheck blueback blueoften, bluethere blueis bluea bluevery bluewide blueselection blueof bluecharms blueas bluewell blueas blueearrings, bluetie bluetacks, bluepins, blueclutch bluepins blueand bluebracelets. blueMore bluelistings bluewill bluebe blueadded blueas bluethey blueare bluephotographed.*These bluecharms blueare bluebetween blue40 blueand blue60 blueyears blueold, blueand blueprevious blueto bluecoming blueto bluelive bluewith blueme bluethey bluewere bluenot bluestored bluein bluea bluetemperature bluecontrolled bluesetting. blueMost bluecharms bluein blueare blueexcellent bluecondition. blueThere bluemay bluebe bluesome bluevery blueslight bluediscoloration blueor bluewear bluefrom blueage blueand bluestorage blueon bluesome bluecharms. blueNo bluechips blueor bluecracks. blueAny blueexcessive bluediscoloration blueor bluewear bluewill bluebe bluenoted bluein bluethe bluedescription blueof blueindividual bluecharms blueand bluewill bluebe bluelisted blueseparately bluefrom bluethe blueother bluepieces.

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