Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Marcel Boucher braceletboucher bracelet, gold tone with curls and textureboucher bracelet, signed and marked 6269



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Vintage gold toneBoucher gold tonebracelet, gold tonesigned gold toneand gold tonenumbered gold toneon gold tonethe gold toneunderside. gold toneGold gold tonetone gold toneis gold tonea gold tonemix gold toneof gold tonetextured gold toneand gold tonesmooth. gold toneReminds gold toneme gold toneof gold toneblades gold toneof gold tonegrass gold tonewith gold tonethe gold toneoccasional gold tonecurled gold toneedge. gold toneI gold tonesee gold tonea gold toneteeny gold tonebit gold toneof gold tonewear gold toneto gold tonethe gold tonegoldtone gold toneon gold tonetwo gold toneof gold tonethe gold tonecurls gold tonebut gold toneit's gold tonepretty gold tonesmall. gold toneAlso, gold tonethe gold toneclasp gold toneto gold tonethe gold tonesafety gold tonechain gold toneis gold tonemissing. gold toneEasy gold toneto gold tonereplace gold toneor gold toneremove gold tonethe gold tonechain gold tonealtogether. gold toneOtherwise gold toneexcellent gold tonewith gold tonea gold tonestrong gold toneclasp. gold toneMeasures gold tone1.25" gold tonewide gold toneand gold tone7.25" gold tonelong.Ships gold tonein gold tonea gold tonegift gold tonebox.I gold tonecombine gold toneshipping gold toneon gold tonemultiple gold

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