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dangling earrings, 60's MOD Clear Plastic Dangle Pin & Earrings



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From dangling earringsthe dangling earrings1960's, dangling earringsthis dangling earringsamazing dangling earringsplastic dangling earringsset dangling earringsdangles dangling earringsand dangling earringsmoves dangling earringswhen dangling earringsyou dangling earringsmove. dangling earringsIt\u2019s dangling earringsgreat dangling earringsfor dangling earringsdancing! dangling earringsThe dangling earringsclear dangling earringsplastic dangling earringsis dangling earringsfaceted dangling earringsand dangling earringshas dangling earringsa dangling earringsvery dangling earringsdiamond dangling earringslike dangling earringscut dangling earringsand dangling earringsreally dangling earringscatches dangling earringsthe dangling earringslight.The dangling earringspin dangling earringsmeasures dangling earrings3 dangling earringsinches dangling earringslong dangling earringsand dangling earringsabout dangling earrings2 dangling earrings1/4 dangling earringsinches dangling earringsacross, dangling earringsthe dangling earringsclip dangling earringsearrings dangling earringsmeasure dangling earrings1 dangling earrings1/2 dangling earringsinches.Excellent dangling earringscondition!

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