Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ear vine, Gold Ear climber/Ear vine



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This line earringgorgeous line earring14kt line earringgold line earringfilled line earringear line earringvine line earring line earringis line earringmade line earringwith line earringhand line earringpounded line earringgold line earringfilled line earringwire.It line earringis line earringa line earringfun line earringway line earringto line earringadd line earringa line earringlittle line earringsubtle line earringsparkle line earringto line earringyour line earringoutfit!I line earringhope line earringyou line earringLOVE line earringthis line earringunique line earringjewelry line earringpiece.<3 line earringStephanie

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