Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red leather, Large Red Printed Alligator Leather with Smooth Gray Leather Double Disc/Circle Statement Earrings



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Classic bohoand bohoboho bohoall bohoat bohothe bohosame bohotime, bohothese boholarge bohogray bohoand bohored bohoalligator bohoprinted bohogenuine boholeather bohodouble bohodisc bohoearrings bohowill bohoadd bohoa bohocool bohovibe bohoto bohoany bohooutfit. bohoGray bohoand bohored boho-- bohoa bohonew bohoclassic! bohoDress bohoup bohoor bohodress bohodown! bohoPerfect bohoto bohopair bohowith bohoa boholittle bohoblack bohodress, bohojeans bohoand bohoBirkenstocks bohoor bohoto bohospice bohoup bohoyour bohosweats bohowhen bohoyou've bohobeen bohostuck bohoin bohothe bohohouse bohofor bohosix bohomonths bohostraight. boho:-) boho bohoCool bohoand bohofunky! bohoA bohotrue bohoone bohoof bohoa bohokind bohostatement bohopiece!They bohomeasure boho3" bohoin boholength, boho2 boho1/4" bohoat bohothe bohowidest bohoCustom bohorequests bohowelcome.

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