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french jewelry, Antique French 18k Solid Gold 4 Leaf Clover Pendant With Rose Diamond



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Lovely gold talismanantique gold talismanFrench gold talisman18k gold talismansolid gold talismangold gold talismanArt gold talismanNouveau gold talisman4 gold talismanleaf gold talismanclover gold talismanpendant gold talismanset gold talismanwith gold talismana gold talismantiny gold talismanrose gold talismancut gold talismandiamond. gold talismanIt gold talismanhas gold talismanweevil gold talismanmark gold talismanfor gold talisman18k gold talismanFrench gold talismangold gold talismanimport. gold talismanDimensions: gold talisman gold talismanApprox. gold talisman gold talisman16,96 gold talismanmm gold talismanhigh, gold talismanbail gold talismannot gold talismanincluded. gold talisman10,85 gold talismanmm gold talismanwide.Weight: gold talisman0,64 gold talismangram. gold talismanIt gold talismanis gold talismanin gold talismanexcellent gold talismanantique gold talismancondition.Shipping gold talismaninsured gold talismanis gold talismanfree gold talismanworld gold talismanwide.Please gold talismannote gold talismanthat gold talismansome gold talismanStates gold talismanof gold talismanUSA gold talismanhave gold talismanapproximately gold talisman10 gold talisman% gold talismanof gold talismangovernmental gold talismantaxes, gold talismanand gold talismanAustralia gold talismantoo.They gold talismanare gold talismannot gold talismanincluded gold talismanin gold talismanmy gold talismanprice, gold talismanEtsy gold talismancollects gold talismanthem gold talismanfor gold talismanthe gold talismangovernment, gold talismanso gold talismanyou gold talismanhave gold talismanto gold talismanthink gold talismanabout gold talismanit gold talismanbefore gold talismanbuying. gold talismanFeel gold talismanfree gold talismanto gold talismanask gold talismanme gold talismanfor gold talismanany gold talismanquestions gold talismanyou gold talismanmay gold talismanhave.I gold talismantry gold talismanto gold talismanmake gold talismanthe gold talismanbest gold talismanprice gold talismanso gold talismanthat gold talismanyou gold talismanare gold talismannot gold talismanaffected gold talismanby gold talismanthis gold talismantax.

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