Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver vintage multi strand necklace with bow ribbon claspvintage necklaces, 4 chain swag



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Vintage silver chains4 silver chainsstrand silver chainsnecklace silver chainswith silver chainsa silver chainsribbon/bow silver chainsclasp. silver chainsExcellent silver chainscondition, silver chainsno silver chainsflaws. silver chainsThe silver chainsdecorative silver chainsclasp silver chainscan silver chainsbe silver chainsworn silver chainsin silver chainsfront, silver chainsback, silver chainsoff silver chainsto silver chainsone silver chainsside- silver chainsyou silver chainsname silver chainsit. silver chainsMeasures silver chains22.5" silver chainslong. silver chainsHas silver chainsa silver chainslittle silver chainsweight silver chainsto silver chainsit, silver chainswell silver chainsmade.Ships silver chainsin silver chainsa silver chainsgift silver

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