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clasp, Victorian Silver French Bolt Ring Clasp For Watch Chain or to Mix Charms



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Useful boltVictorian boltsilver boltbolt boltring boltclasp boltfor boltwatch boltchain bolt boltor boltto boltmix boltcharms.It boltmeasures bolt15.64 boltmm boltdiameter. boltWeight boltis bolt1.72 boltgram.It bolthas boltboar's bolthead bolt boltmark boltfor boltFrench boltsilver. boltIt boltcloses boltwell. boltIt boltis boltin boltexcellent boltantique boltcondition. bolt boltPlease boltnote boltthat boltsome boltStates boltof boltUSA bolthave boltapproximately bolt10 bolt% boltof boltgovernmental bolttaxes, boltand boltAustralia bolttoo.They boltare boltnot boltincluded boltin boltmy boltprice, boltEtsy boltcollects boltthem boltfor boltthe boltgovernment, boltso boltyou bolthave boltto boltthink boltabout boltit boltbefore boltbuying. boltFeel boltfree boltto boltask boltme boltfor boltany boltquestions boltyou boltmay bolthave.I bolttry boltto boltmake boltthe boltbest boltprice boltso boltthat boltyou boltare boltnot boltaffected boltby boltthis bolttax.

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